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Intensive School of English & Business Communication

Brighton, UK



School Introduction

Intensive School of English (ISE) started in 1997 to offer better language classes to students from all over the world. Now ISE has grown to be one of the largest schools in Brighton and teaches over 1000 students per year from 40 different countries.

ISE is located in the pedestrian centre of Brighton, 1 minute from Chuchill Square shopping centre and within 100 metres of the seafront.

The school has large classrooms, a computer room and a cafe for students.

Each classroom is equipped with desks, dictionaries for students, DVD, TV, CD Player, chairs, whiteboard and plenty of space to move around.

ESL Program Introduction

ISE programmes are offered at all levels from Absolute Beginner to Proficiency.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Student can start on any monday. Most courses fall within the fee schedule below.

Application fee: 100
Tuition fees for General English(All levels from Absolute Beginner to Proficiency), FCE, CAE, IELTS
1week: 128 (15 hours per week), 179 (21 hours per week), 204 (24 hours per week), 255(30hours per week)
2weeks: 255 (15 hours per week), 357 (21 hours per week), 408 (24 hours per week), 510(30hours per week)
4weeks: 480 (15 hours per week), 672 (21 hours per week), 768 (24 hours per week), 960(30hours per week)
8weeks: 930 (15 hours per week), 1302 (21 hours per week), 1488 (24 hours per week), 1860(30hours per week)
12weeks:1368 (15 hours per week), 1915 (21 hours per week), 2188 (24 hours per week), 2736(30hours per week)
Young ISE: Full English & Activity Programme including airport transfers, accommodation, English classes, Breakfast, lunch and dinner, local bus pass with unlimited travel, Welcome pack with maps, ISE Certificate and UK SIM Card.
2 weeks 944, 3 weeks 1340,
4 weeks 1738, 5 weeks 2110,
6 weeks 2487, 7 weeks 2864,
8 weeks 3230, 10 weeks 3925

Full Time: 799
Part Time: 920

UK YL Extension
Full Time: 615

China & Iran CELTA
Full Time: 1150

Full TIme: 1150

Pre-University Academic English Course
12 weeks: 2160
24 weeks: 4320
36 weeks: 6480
48 weeks: 8640

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

ISE recommend which is an accommodation agency specially designed for language students

Contact Info

Intensive School of English & Business Communication
34 Duke Street
East Sussex

01273 384800
01273 236872