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ADC College

Harrow, United Kingdom



School Introduction

ADC College teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in London (UK). The majority of their students arrive from other European Union countries. The students typically spend 2-3 weeks with ADC learning English in a fully immersive programme.

Located in the leafy Greater London suburb of Harrow and is situated less than 100 metres from a train station, students at ADC College enjoy fast, non-stop access to the centre of London. (Approximately 15 minutes travel time).

Established in 1990, ADC College continues to be justifiably proud of its record of achieving and maintaining high levels of quality and safety. In addition to its own and other, specially rented, property, all Host-Families and their accommodation are thoroughly and regularly screened to ensure that guests placed with them are in a safe and comfortable environment that fully complies with EU, UK and local government legal and health and safety requirements. Additionally, all students are covered by our fully comprehensive insurance.

ESL Program Introduction

ADC College offers students the following programmes:

CASPTM is designed to supplement the academic focus of student’s current studies by providing a rich cultural learning experience with ‘hands on’, in a real life context. Groups of students are able to select from a range of themed or topical cultural learning programmes.

LACETM is designed to allow young people to experience a full immersion English language course in Harrow and London combined with a rich and varied programme of cultural and social activities.

Leonardo da Vinci placements offer older participants over the age of 18 years of age the opportunity to work and learn English in London.

SPELSTM offers a full immersion English language experience in London combining interactive and engaging classroom based language practice, cultural experience and evening social activities.

WELS™ offers older participants over the age of 18 years of age the chance to learn English in London through study and work.

If you are interested in studying with ADC please make contact through or telephone +4420 8424 9424 (UK).

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Schedule & Fees

If you are interested in studying with ADC please visit our website.

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

ADC College
11-13 Masons Avenue,
Harrow, Middlesex,
Ha3 5ad, United Kingdom