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Sunny South English Language School

, South Africa



School Introduction

Sunny South English Language School is situated on the East Coast of South Africa, in KwaZulu-Natal Province, one hours drive South of the large coastal city of Durban, where there is also an International Airport. The area is blessed with numerous safe swimming beaches , cinemas and shopping malls.

The school is small , enrolling not more that 25 students at any given time.The classes are also small-usually not more that 8 students per class-this enables us to provide each student with individual and specialised attention.We also provide 2 hours of one to one tuition per week.Visits to places like businesses, shops, airports, train stations etc are included as part of the tuition programme, without any additional costs involved.

The teachers are well qualified and experienced, and have taught in the Far East, United Kingdom and Africa.

Visits/Tours to Animal/Safari Parks and other Tourist venues in South Africa: The school is able to organise these tours which can be conducted over week-ends, or after a student has completed his/her course.There are numerous and attractive animal/safari parks in the surrounding area.

It is fortunate that we have a warm and sunny climate all year round, this making your visit and studies here a pleasant and pleasurable experience any stage of the year.

ESL Program Introduction

Sunny South English Language School provides a general English course at the following levels:

Beginners/Basic; Elementary;Intermediate and Advanced.
25 hours of tuition are given per week; five hours per pay (Monday - Friday). The minimum length of a course is 2 weeks and the maximum 24 weeks. We offer a unique and person tuition and activity program. This program involves two, 1 to 1 classes per week where special attention can be given to each student's area of particular need.

Two excursions per week are also arranged. One visit is to a tourist attraction such as an animal/repile park. The other visit is to a location where the students are able to test their English skills in a practical situation such as shops, businesses, airport, train station etc. The costs of these two visits are included in the tuition fees.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Registration can be done weekly, between 17 Jan -15 November 2005.
Tuition:Week 1-8, 250 Euro per week
Week9-16, 237 Euro per week
Week 17-24, 225 Euro per week

250 Euro to be paid on enrollment for course.

Accomadation: between 85-371 Euro per week

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Sunny South English Language School
Port Shepstone
South Africa

+27 393150769
+27 393150769