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Learn English in London United Kingdom


Examination Preparation: Cambridge PET to Proficiency (Average Pass Rate 85%: Proficiency Pass Rate 100%) Business English Travel and Tourism

IELTS School café & study centre, roof garden,

free internet access

English homestay accommodation and airport pickup Social programme & UK excursions

Further details:

Courses at Avalon are divided into the following categories.

Speaking Courses

Avalon Direct English is a general English course, specialising in speaking.

Examination Courses

Avalon offers preparation courses for The Cambridge Certificates, IELTS and LCCI Business English. These are all internationally recognised examinations.

Read and Write

As well as Avalon Direct English and our exam courses, we also offer a range of supplementary courses aimed primarily at students already studying at Avalon. These are called Read and Write courses and can be studied in conjunction with Avalon Direct English. They are usually available all year.


Pre FCE. This course is aimed at students expecting to take our Cambridge FCE course in the future. Students will generally study Read and Write at the same time as they study Avalon Direct English Book 3. Students take a short test to get a place on this course.

Aims of the Course

This course provides Reading and Writing skills for everyday use. It is part of the general English course that you will be able to follow:

At level 3 (Intermediate)

recognise different written forms such as letters, postcards, guidebooks short stories

extract important factual information from texts.

produce written texts to fulfil routine work requirements such as writing letters notes or emails.

At level 4

interpret individual texts to obtain complex information such as facts opinions and feelings. (inference)

extract information from a range of sources including biographies, newspaper articles, film scripts.

produce technical texts such as a reasoned argument, a description of a process, a short story.

exchange complex correspondence, convey information, express opinion and handle ideas in written form.

Course Length One hour per day for 10 weeks. To provide a General English course you should also study Avalon Direct English so that you also improve your listening and speaking.

Avalon Intensive

We have three Intensive courses which focus on the specific needs of students. They are 25 hours per week for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 48 depending on what is wanted.

Avalon Intensive, Academic and Group

are made up of Avalon`s Direct method of English, Read & Write classes and then a 2 classes on ten students choice. They can choose from a variety of subject such as Business, EAP, Travel & Tourism etc.

Our Group intensive course has the added advantage of providing cultural trips and events that students will enjoy. A minimum of 7 students is needed for this course.

If you would like more information on the prices of these courses then please email our Marketing Manager, Rachael Dunham

NEW! Part Time English Course

Avalon is starting a new Part Time English courses specialising in speaking and grammar. It takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 - 9pm. The cost is £30 per week plus the £30 registration fee. If you would like to book this course then please come to reception. This course is for all students who do not need a student visa or for those students who are wanting to study above their 15 hours per week.

English Speaking Courses, Central London

85% Speaking & Listening

15% Reading & Writing

Class size: average 8, max. 12

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