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Study at Birkbeck University of London

The College offers a lively, stimulating programme of evening classes in management. From certificates, diplomas and foundation degrees, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees - these courses are taught by leading practitioners and researchers and are specifically designed for part-time students.

Without effective management, few organizations would be successful. Yet, becoming a valuable manager is not just about learning new skills. It also requires the capacity to manage your own development within a constantly changing workplace.

Birkbeck's programmes allow students to explore the theory and practice of management. Whether you are interested in introductory courses, a first degree or a postgraduate degree to deepen your knowledge of a particular field, we are sure you will find a programme to meet your needs.

You can begin with introductory modules such as 'The Effective Manager', 'Understanding Organizations' and 'Competitive Strategy' from Birkbeck's Certificate/Diploma in Management, or choose the Foundation Degree in Management. This new type of qualification is shorter than the undergraduate degree, lasting two years and two terms, and equips students with the practical and transferable skills required by today's employers. The foundation degree also provides an academic basis to allow successful students to continue on to the final years of BA Management or BA Accounting and Management.

The four-year part-time evening degree, BA Management, provides a solid background in management disciplines, allowing students the flexibility either to remain a generalist, or to specialize in Strategy and Marketing, Human Resource Management, or Accounting and Finance. This degree reflects the rapidly changing environment in which organizations operate and compete, giving students an understanding of key areas, such as strategic management, marketing, finance, organizational behaviour, accounting and managerial economics.

The BA Accounting and Management is a focused programme of study for students intending to enter the accounting profession, or to understand how accounting can be used to improve managerial decision-making. This joint degree gives students high-level training in accounting practices, finance, strategic management, computing, marketing, managerial economics and quantitative techniques.

For those who wish to be involved in worker representation, or for anyone interested in the future of governance of the workplace, Birkbeck's BA Organization of Work, Economics, and Labour Law is offered jointly with the Institute of Employment Rights. It integrates economics, law and organizational studies to give students an understanding of the impact of the economic and legal system on the organization of work - from the standpoints of law, economics, politics and management theory. Themes include the effects of new technology, European integration and globalisation, with a focus on the role of trade unions; on ways in which the interests of employers, employees and other stakeholders can be reconciled; and on employee ownership.

Birkbeck also provides a wide range of full-time and part-time postgraduate programmes, offered by Birkbeck academics who are active researchers as well as enthusiastic teachers, publishing cutting-edge articles in the world's leading journals. The teaching staff combine a deep and practical understanding of the major issues in contemporary organizational life with a social scientific approach to the analysis of those issues.

The MSc in International Business is the largest of Birkbeck's management programmes. This master's degree provides a rigorous foundation in management research, after which students, with the approval of the course director, choose three of the core International Business papers. It is suitable for people interested in a professional career in any area of international business, or in government or other public organizations, where an understanding of various aspects of international business and management is essential.

The postgraduate programmes in Business Strategy, Politics and the Environment offer a structured portfolio of courses that analyse the relationship between business strategy and the ecological environment. They aim to develop students' capacity to assess critically the effectiveness of policy measures designed to address environmental challenges; to help them reflect on the practical policy implications for governmental bodies, business and pressure groups; and to provide a theoretical foundation in the implementation of environmental management strategies.

And for students who wish to research the management, governance and regulation of the football industry, Birkbeck offers the master's programmes in Sport Management and the Business of Football. These courses draw on the expertise of world-class researchers at Birkbeck's Football Governance Research Centre, which has established itself as the leading centre in London for research, teaching and policy advice on the business of football, with regular conferences, seminars and publications.

This degree combines specialist taught courses on the football business and the principles and practice of sport management and marketing, with general training in management, business organization, strategy and research methods.

Birkbeck also offers a Corporate Governance and Ethics master's degree - an area of growing importance in which Birkbeck has a pre-eminent research position. The core modules are fully international in scope, covering European, American and Asian systems of corporate governance and adopting a cross-cultural perspective on contemporary issues of business ethics and society.

Other postgraduate subject areas include E-business and Innovation; Innovation Management and Technology Policy; Management and Organizational Analysis; Management in the Public Sector; and European Policy and Management. The School of Management and Organizational Psychology also has an active postgraduate research programme for MPhil and PhD students.

Whether your aim is to explore new approaches, freshen your skills or move forward into a more specialist field, Birkbeck students benefit from an inspiring classroom experience. Studying alongside like-minded mature learners, you can compare notes with your contemporaries and network with your peers who have the same priorities in mind.

Birkbeck operates a flexible entry policy for mature students. If you are over 21, we won't ask for any formal qualifications, we will make our own assessment of your skills and knowledge. Come and find out how Birkbeck can help you.

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Birkbeck, University of London

Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HX

Tel: 0845 601 0174