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MSc in Management at the University of Bristol

The Department of Management is a rapidly expanding new department within the University of Bristol, concerned with high quality education and cutting edge research in the field of professional management and professional associations.

It is part of the new School of Economics, Finance & Accounting, and Management, which includes the Department of Economics, and the Department of Finance and Accounting.

MSc in Management

Today's organisations in both the public and private sector are faced with global competition, tremendous technological change, unprecedented economic complexities and ever-increasing customer expectations. To meet these challenges organisations are looking for graduates who have an understanding of key management issues and the interpersonal skills needed to contribute to continuing success.

This intensive, one year, full-time Masters programme provides a broad introduction to a range of business and management disciplines and is aimed at recent or new graduates in any academic discipline.

The course aims to develop innovative, creative and entrepreneurial graduates who:
  • are able to apply a range of management techniques;
  • understand the nature of management, the complexity of organisations and how to manage change;
  • have developed a reflective and questioning approach that enables them to discriminate between the latest corporate fad and knowledge of a lasting value
  • are able to work effectively in international teams;
  • have the key interpersonal skills needed by organisations today.
Visit /postgraduate/msc_degrees/conversion_mscs/management/ for more information.

The School of Economics, Finance and Management, an integrated School consists of the Departments of Economics, Accounting & Finance, and Management. The School offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering the fields of economics, econometrics, accounting, finance and management.

Departments in the School have international reputations for their high standards of research and teaching. Their mission is to carry out important research in their fields and provide a lively and rewarding environment for teaching and learning. Use the links at the top of this page for more information about the three member departments.

Within the Economics Department, the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (or CMPO) was established in 1998 to study the impact of incentives on organisations with a focus on the public sector. Its research agenda has since broadened to cover the wider impact of policy on the users of public services.

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The Wills Tower


Department of Management

Lewis Wing

Wills Memorial Building

Queens Road



United Kingdom

Department Fax: 0117 954 5692

Department Website: /mrc

MSc Programmes Administrator Julie Selman, BA

Telephone: 0117 954 5689