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The University of Buckingham

Freedom to Choose at the University of Buckingham

England's only independent University, the University of Buckingham is using its freedom from government constraint to offer students more choice at every stage.

Founded in 1976, and granted its Royal Charter in 1983, Buckingham has pioneered the two-year undergraduate honours degree; by working through the long summer holidays, students may graduate with an honours degree in two years instead of in three. In addition to its traditional three-year degree programmes, but costing the same, Buckingham's two-year degrees attract students from all over the world.

Three Entry Points for More Flexibility at the University of Buckingham

Buckingham students have the opportunity to begin their studies in January, July and September each year.

International Baccalaurate students, for example, may begin their degree programmes in July, immediately after the release of their Diploma results, and graduate two years later.

Students with A level results due in August may apply, either through UCAS or directly, for the September entry, or they may prefer to take a few months off for work or travel, and apply for entry in January the next year, still graduating with their peers in December, two years later.

Fast Track Programmes at the University of Buckingham

These fast-track honours degree programmes are particularly attractive to mature students, to those sponsored by business or family concerns, to Gap-year students, or, more simply, to all those who are already focused on their future careers.

Direct Applications to the University of Buckingham

Although the University of Buckingham is part of UCAS, students may also apply directly.

Downloadable application forms and on-line applications are to be found on the University's website

Gap-year students catch up at the University of Buckingham

Gap-year students can take a year off for working or travelling, and still, thanks to Buckingham's flexibility, graduate with their peers.

The Oxbridge Tutorial System at the University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham's excellent staff:student ratio allows traditional, Oxbridge-style teaching in small tutorial groups.

No student is an anonymous statistic and there is easy access to academic members of staff in each department.

The University of Buckingham education is a traditional one; there is time for discussion with a tutor, in groups of six or less, and the international nature of the student body makes Buckingham a unique learning environment.

Tutorials are often lively!

There is also room for high-tech developments; many parts of the campus have wireless access and, during and in the approach to examinations, the on-campus libraries are open twenty-four hours a day.

A Beautiful Campus at the University of Buckingham

Buckingham is a small market-town, close to the new city of Milton Keynes, within easy travelling distance of London, Oxford, Cambridge and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Students are guaranteed on-campus accommodation and everything is within 15 minutes' walk of the town centre and of everything else on campus.

A Unique Internationalism at the University of Buckingham

Home to seven hundred international students from eighty different countries, the University of Buckingham offers a unique learning environment and the opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world.

Visiting Students' programmes at the University of Buckingham

Each year Buckingham welcomes Visiting Students; because the University is working normally throughout the summer months, visiting students can experience English university life in the company of full-time undergraduates, and not just in the environment of a summer school.

Credit transfer with a student's home institution can normally be arranged and any combination of courses for which the student is academically qualified and which are not specifically precluded by timetabling arrangements can be taken for credit.

Work Placements for University of Buckingham students


Work placements can be arranged for University of Buckingham students in collaboration with the University of Boston in London; the EUSA programme offers students the opportunity to fit a work placement into their undergraduate career, either during undergraduate studies or immediately after graduation.

University of Buckingham

School of International Studies

Two-year degrees starting in July, September and January

* International Studies

* Economics

* Business Economics

* Economics, Business and Law

* Politics, Economics and Law



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The University of Buckingham


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