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English Language Schools in UK

Learning English in Language Schools in England

You cannot undervalue the importance of studying English Language in a Language School in England or the UK. It is important to do a fairly intensive course, maybe 20 hours a week - but this is the beginning. When you finish at the school for the day, your lessons continue as you learn from the everyday life in England. The English are famous for their inability to learn foreign languages, so you will be forced to listen to, understand and speak English, just by being in the country.

Secondly, English is the most widely spoken language in the world (as a second language). Of course the population of UK speak English, and our cousins across the pond speak a version of English, but many more people around the world speak English as a Foreign Language. This is a foreigner's version of English picked up in the speaker's native country. Many countries in the world, whilst they teach grammar in a very academic way, fail to teach people how to communicate. They fail to give the user the confidence to speak English. By being in England, you will be forced to communicate.

At work.

Many bosses and managers, who have followed a very traditional education, do not have the confidence to communicate in English, and yet with a rapidly growing European and world market, the value of speaking English is becoming more important. If you can speak English, by attending an English Language School, you will have an advantage both at work, and socially.

Why England?

You might ask yourself, why go to England to study instead of going to the USA. I would say that the English accent is different from the American one, and has a certain quality. For example you will get to pronounce tomato the correct way (tommARto) instead of the American way.

In looking for a good English Language school, there are a number of things that you should look for.

  • Qualifications of staff (are they as qualified as they say they are?)
  • Location of school - you do not want to be going to a school that is not in a very nice part of town.
  • Check on the certificates that you will be awarded at the end of the course.
  • Check that your accomodation is not too far from the school, and from the points of interest. It is expensive to travel in the UK.
  • Check that the school offers some social activity. This can make your stay much more pleasurable.
  • Check to see if the English Language Course is recognised by the official authorities.



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