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Fone-A-Car Student Transport

We provide services to international language students throughout England. Our client list includes leading EFL providers The Ardmore Group, Twin, Anglo-Continental, Anglo European and King's School of English as well as agencies from Germany, Italy and France. We will also accept bookings from individual students.

 We cover all the major airports as well as Eurostar.

 We are more than just a taxi company. We have our own staff based at Heathrow in peak periods who specialize in student meet and greet as well as providing check-in assistance on departures. We work together with the airlines to ensure unaccompanied minors enjoy maximum security of travel.

 We realize how stressful the experience can be for students when visiting UK for the first time with little or no English. We look after them from when they leave Customs to when they arrive at a host family or residence. We do not leave them until we are satisfied they are OK. Where there are any problems we have procedures agreed in advance with the school to ensure any difficulty for the student is minimal. All our drivers are experienced in this type of work.

 We manage coach parties as well as providing transfers for individuals and small groups. We have our own bespoke student reservation software which can accept all the necessary data making any last minute changes less of a nightmare.

 Although our service is comprehensive and our performance standard is high our charges are very competitive often much less than a normal taxi fare. For clients faced with large numbers of students we can create packages where the cost per head can be kept very low.

I realize that traditionally our services have been provided by the language school but we know in a time of increased security concerns and ever increasing transport costs parents and agencies are looking for a safe low-cost alternative. We believe we fill that gap in the market.


 Martin Johnson

Business Development


Tel 01202 670684

Mob 07960 935353

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