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Gallery languages UNITED KINGDOM English Schools

Gallery Languages is a strong, modern and flexible educational travel agency based in in Oxford, engaged in the business of sending students on study programmes abroad, teacher training and providing online English language services. Our core businesses include Study Abroad Programmes (adults & juniors) in UK, Ireland and USA, WebTV, e-learning, e-books, Theatre workshops (in home country) Teacher Training. From September 2013, we will also be offering Aviation English. On our Facebook page we already reached 10780 fans from all over the world Gallery Languages was established in 2008, as part of Gallery Group, which was established in 1985 in Genoa, Italy and taking vantage of this. Gallery Languages in the UK as Ltd was establish In 2013, and from November 2012 we sent 650 students from Italy, Russia and Tunisia on Short Stay, Junior Summer Programmes and adults students to Ireland, UK and USA. Having recently widened our scope by partnering with quality schools in UK (still building up), Canada and Australia, we estimate we will recruit 1500 students in 2014. My staff is now well trained and I have already 4 people working full time and I am looking for 2 directors one for the Dynamic Teachers and another one for the webtv (see website)
Founded: 2008
Phone: +44 07881277440
Address: 7200 Th Quorum - Garsington Road OX4 2JZ Oxford UNITED KINGDOM