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Online High School in the United Kingdom

Inter High School (Virtual School)

Inter High School, is a new type of High School based in the United Kingdom. This school is modelled on an English / Welsh secondary school with online teaching in a virtual classroom for years 7 - 11 (normally ages 11 years to 16). In the final year pupils are entered for IGCSE examinations enabling them to continue into further education or employment.

Teachers and pupils work from home by logging on to a virtual classroom on the internet to receive real time tuition for 2/3 hours each morning. Work is set for the rest of the day to be completed by independent study in the pupil's home. More details are contained in the school website.

Students aged 10-17

Disabled students

Overseas students

Students experiencing difficulties with standard schooling School Summary:

Founded 2005

41 students, aged 7 - 18

International curriculum, e.g. IGCSE`s

6 staff




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