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LAISRA is an international education agency registered in the UK. We are now in the process of opening an office in Brazil. Our principal activity is to attract professionals and students who wish to improve their language skills via the study abroad experience. We also select students interested in professional, vocational, summer or academic courses in the UK. How we work: • delivering clear and accurate information to our students, ensuring student satisfaction and positive feedback • attracting talented students via our rigorous selective process; this secures an excellent level of attendance, pass rate and punctuality • incorporating the code of conduct of British Council and ICEF to guarantee ethical and responsible services • gathering student feedback to help institution’s plans for innovation and growth What we offer: • single point of contact for parents and relatives on a 24/7 basis, ensuring peace of mind and total contact at all times • introduction to social activities for students, enabling them to have total cultural and social learning experiences • friendly, personalised and supportive services, ensuring student engagement and total satisfaction • travel advisory services and cultural awareness courses, workshops and seminars for students and institutions to ensure that students have a safe journey and an easy adaptation to their new environment and that institutions will understand their students’ culture and beliefs LAISRA Education Export Specialized in study abroad Attracting & selecting, assisting & supporting talented students and professionals from UK and Latin America. Working together with high quality educational institutions from around the world. Programmes: Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Further and Higher education
Founded: 2014
Phone: +447708369939
Address: The Shed / Chester Street M1 5GD ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM