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English language tuition



With Live in Languages you will enjoy the unique experience of living and studying in your teacher's home. By specialising in this particular area of English language tuition, our aim is to provide you with an environment where constant, natural learning takes place in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you study with us, you will have to speak English because you will be isolated from your native tongue and, as a result, you will find that your skills improve dramatically. The undivided attention of a personal teacher also means that lessons can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Come to our school and enjoy maximum exposure to the language each day as well as an insight into the British or American way of life.


Live in Languages Ltd. specializes in one-to-one tuition with full board accommodation in teachers? homes. The one-to-one total immersion programs we offer are gaining in popularity and are specifically designed for students who want their English to improve in the most effective and rapid way.

The main advantage of living and studying in the teacher's home is that students have maximum exposure to the language each day. In contrast to studying at a typical school, with Live in Languages students are isolated from their own language and therefore there is no temptation to speak anything but English. In addition, students have the undivided attention of their own personal teacher who will tailor lessons to suit specific language needs.

Live in Languages has over 100 carefully selected teachers in the London, Oxford and south coast areas. In addition to providing formal language tuition (15-25 hours per week), the school offers an all round educational experience as our teachers introduce students to home life in Britain by providing full board accommodation. In this family environment clients find that they acquire language constantly, naturally and in a relaxed atmosphere.

As specialists, we guarantee that all teachers are experienced with EFL qualifications of a standard acceptable to the British Council. We also insist on interviewing all teachers in their homes so that we can confidently establish their capability as host teachers as well as the suitability of the accommodation. To ensure optimum benefit from their stay, all students receive educational materials including an Information Handbook as a practical guide to British culture.

Live in Languages Ltd., USA - Seattle

Our one-to-one home tuition programmes in the USA follow the same format as our programmes in the United Kingdom, with teachers providing full board accommodation for clients in addition to private English language lessons. As in the United Kingdom,  we offer courses with 15, 20 and 25 lessons per week tuition in General and Business English, as well as English for Exams.

Located on the calm Pacific waters of the Puget Sound on the one side and Lake Washington on the other, Seattle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The surrounding snow-capped Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges provide it with a setting of outstanding natural beauty. On clear days the vast snow-covered volcanic cone of Mount Rainier can be seen from all over the city. It is not surprising that this city has been described as the ?jewel of the Pacific Northwest?.

Seattle is also one of the most progressive cities in the United States and thanks to its cosmopolitan population,  it boasts a wide variety of excellent restaurants and a lively cafe culture. Down on the waterfront, the mixture of sea air, the clanging of streetcars and the ubiquitous smell of sourdough and coffee, is quintessential Seattle. Pike Place Market is near the waterfront and, as well as offering the freshest seafood and produce, it includes a fascinating mix of artists, craftspeople and street performers. Just a few blocks away the monorail runs to the Seattle Center, home to the vibrant art and culture of the Northwest. The Space Needle, perhaps Seattle's most familiar landmark, is located here and from its observation deck visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city and beyond.

Luxury ships frequently leave Seattle's Elliott Bay for spectacular cruises around the Puget Sound and the San Juan islands. Whale-watching is the main attraction but visitors also take pleasure in seeing a wide variety of seals, porpoises and seabirds. The islands themselves are a haven for wildlife and many people stay for a few days to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and the clean fresh air. Vancouver Island, Canada is just 2 hours away from Seattle by sea clipper. The three national parks around Seattle are ideal for those who enjoy the great outdoors and physical activities such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and kayaking.

 If you have any queries about regarding visas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Live in Languages Ltd., Canada - Vancouver

Our one-to-one home tuition programmes in Canada follow the same format as our programmes in the United Kingdom and USA, with teachers providing full board accommodation for clients in addition to private English language lessons. As in the other countries,  we offer courses with 15, 20 and 25 lessons per week tuition in General and Business English, as well as English for Exams.

Canada is consistently ranked (in the UN Human Development Index) as one of the best five countries to live in. With its temperate climate, parks, beaches and spectacular views, Vancouver is surely Canada's most attractive city. It is located on a peninsula of the Fraser River delta, which juts out into the Pacific Ocean, with English Bay on one side and Burrard Inlet on the other. The majestic Coast Mountain range lies to the north of the city, and the US border just 24 miles to the south. The world-famous Whistler ski resort is just two hours away by car. Vancouver is a small (population of just over half a million), safe and cosmopolitan city with a range of architecture to match the surrounding natural beauty.

The Vancouver-based columnist, Denny Boyd, wrote: "You've probably heard that we can ski within sight of downtown Vancouver and be on the water catching a spring salmon, all in the space of 30 minutes. It's true as long as your skis have quick-release bindings. Otherwise, it might take up to 45 minutes."!

Come and improve your English in this glorious city and have the time of your life.








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