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London English Teaching Services

We know most of your language problems before you arrive in London.

Brenda Davey and Peter Boggis have each had more than twenty years' experience in teaching intensive English courses to adults. We are not a school; we and our colleagues offer a personal teaching service to business executives and other professional people from all over the world.

LETS offers one-to-one intensive English courses. This is a personal teaching service, adapted to your specific skills and requirements. LETS teachers have long experience in teaching business executives, government officials and other professional people -- anybody who wants to learn as much English as possible in a short time.

Our courses take place in a hotel and last two weeks. They run throughout the year.

At all times during your lessons you have the total one-to-one attention of experienced English teachers -- one for General English in the mornings and one for Business and Professional English in the afternoons. LETS makes sure that you meet many more teachers and experienced English speakers at lunch and in the evenings. In this way you will get through the speaking barrier and learn to apply Social English, which is essential for dealing with foreign customers. On request, LETS also offers English lessons in specialist areas.

LETS is based in lively Central London. For a fortnight you will be surrounded by English all day, during the evening activities and in your free time. Total immersion in the English language and educational variety allow you to learn as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our programme includes a visit to a place of special interest in London, if you so wish, and a theatre play to help you apply what you have learnt.

Main Points:

1-1 intensive courses, fortnightly.

Executives & other professionals

Comfortable central London hotel

Individual language needs our speciality

Enjoyable hard work

Friendly experienced teachers

Socialize with English people

Fee includes accommodation & lunch

Further details:


15 Westbourne Terrace

London W2 3UN

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7402 5933

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7229 2904



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