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Prodeo International English Schools

Who we are? Prodeo International is privately owned education consultancy agency, based in Birmingham, UK. We are offering personalised service to students from all over the world, who seek to study in the UK. We have direct relationship with universities and language schools. All our consultants also have first hand experience, as they graduated from the UK universities as foreign students themselves. What do we offer? We know that at first, studying abroad could seem like daunting idea. Don’t worry; we are here exactly for that. We want to reassure you – everything is possible, especially if you get a professional advice and assistance. One of the main challenges is to decide what you actually want to study, as universities in the UK offer very wide variety of programmes. At Prodeo we can help you to find your desired course, match the best university for it and assist with the application process. We work with any requests form our customers, would it be university or language school application, finding accommodation, or just helping with motivation letter. No request is too small for us. The full list of our services could be found here. Why Prodeo? You might ask yourself: ‘But why do I need an agency in the first place?’ Well, our answer is: There are always more chances that your application will be successful if required documentation is correctly presented from the start. However, this is not just about the documents. The ‘real life’ advices that our consultants can provide are priceless. This is also one of the reasons why Prodeo is different from some of the other agencies out there. Our location is another unique feature. We are based in the heart of England – Birmingham. What does it mean to you? Mainly, that our assistance does not stop with university confirming your place with them. You can expect our help to continue on your arrival to the UK. We provide support in finding suitable accommodation, getting registered for work permit, opening a bank account and even finding a part time job if needed. If you are still unsure, do not wait, just ask your question! Contact us and get the full information about the company and our services. Remember, we are here to help.

Tel: +44(0)7702 234647