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Study Media Management in New York

With its rich diversity of media, New York is internationally renowned as a mecca for the entertainment industry. Students come to the city not only to study, but also to learn how to manage media companies, as well as their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Students arriving in New York immediately sense the bustling pace of a great city. An important part of the excitement is the fact that New York is home to some of the most prominent media organizations in the world. Here, students will find a wealth of opportunities in the broadcasting, recording and publishing industries. New York is on the cutting edge of innovations that are constantly expanding the frontiers of the media field. All three major American TV networks - CBS, NPC and ABC - have their corporate headquarters in New York, as well as cable giants MTV and HBO.

New York is renowned for its many cultural institutions and its ever-growing creative community. The city continues to attract new film and television production, post-production and distribution companies, while increasingly serving as a major feature-film location site. lower Manhattan has been dubbed  silicon Alley', indicating the prodigious growth and presence of interactive media companies.  The multicultural life of New York City offers students unparalleled opportunities in managing the performing, electronic and visual arts. The environment allows students to experience the global media marketplace, coming to understand the interdependencies of politics, economics and culture in an international context.

A key component of the media industry s recent growth has been the explosive expansion of the New Media field in New York . This industry presents a wide range of media management opportunities for students. New Media exerts significant economic impact on New York State, generating billions of dollars in gross revenues. Over the past decade, media businesses generating $1 million or less in New Media revenues have grown significantly. Creative talent, access to customers and image/credibility are New York s key strengths. Located in Manhattan, the New Media industry draws upon the City s resources, including a lively design community and a wealth of well-established traditional media companies.  Managing the rapidly-expanding Internet at companies in New York provides students with exciting opportunities in a fast-paced field - and the city is home to more Internet sites than any other in the nation. The rapid proliferation of commercial websites has contributed to the remarkable emergence of the New Media sector as one of the state s most important technological industries.

Today, New York s media sector has become a leader provider of content to the on-line  world, With one out of every twelve jobs being in the media sector, the concentration of media professionals there is the highest of any metropolitan region in the United States, Students can network with other professionals, and continually make contacts with industry leaders.

Managing the media in New York requires a combination of creativity and knowledge of how the industry works, Expertise in fields such as media economics and finance, multi- media design and production, accounting for communication arts industries, and entertainment law and international business are essential for success. Additional areas for students to enhance their abilities include organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, business planning, and marketing.

Academic preparation that emphasizes how students can succeed in managing the media industry provides them with the knowledge tools to compete in this fast-paced field. Students can apply their knowledge in many ways, depending on their interests and abilities. They can choose to manage film production facilities, design and supervise  corporate communications, create marketing campaigns, develop web-based businesses, and assist in the production and management of televisions programs and studios.

Studying management in New York provides students with the ideal environment for realizing their professional goals. An environment that is capable of accommodating the most demanding students allows the fulfillment of their most ambitious dreams of success in the media industry.

Campus Life 

Everyone is familiar with the famous images of New York: the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers, Madison Square Garden. But New York City is also an outstanding college town, which attracts students from all across the United States and around the world. New York City has more institutions of higher education, and more opportunities for its students, than any other city in the world. Some 500,000 students from across the globe bring their energy and dedication to New York s 100+ private, not-for- profit colleges and universities, which include world-renowned institutions of higher learning, such as Columbia and Cornell, as well as small colleges and professional or specialty schools.

Why do students consistently choose New York City for their college experience? The quality of the academic instruction, the energy of the city s arts and culture, and its thriving business community are several of the primary reasons. The professors at New York s institutions are leaders in their fields. They are Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners and MacArthur fellows. Many are world-famous scholars, writers, filmmakers and political leaders. In addition, the institutions have outstanding research facilities, laboratories and specialty schools in the fields of law, medicine, business, engineering, theology, design and fashion, as well as in the visual and performing arts.

New York City is also a world-renowned center for the arts and culture. Students fan draw upon the resources of over 400 art galleries, 150 museums, numerous zoos, botanical gardens, cultural centers, music halls, dance companies, Broadway and off- Broadway theaters, and performance arts spaces. For relaxation after class, there are also more than 15,000 restaurants, clubs offering comedy and drama, and clubs that present many varied styles of music, including new wave, jazz, country, and cabaret.

Career development is a priority for students, and New York offers outstanding job opportunities in many fields. The City has more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in America, with opportunities to work in the broadest variety of organizations. Students interested in diverse fields such as finance or health care, as well as technology or retail management will find full-time, part- time and summer job opportunities in New York City.

There is also a full spectrum of  college degrees and courses, including associate degrees, bachelors degrees, combined programs, masters and doctoral programs, certificates, post- graduate certificates, or weekend and cooperative programs. Students can fine-tune their educational options and choose those programs that are most compatible with their interests and professional goals.

Combination and Innovation 

New York s colleges also provide innovative programs for students including combined undergraduate and graduate degree programs, specialized clinical programs in psychology and medicine, and continuing education programs for professional growth or personal enrichment.

The City truly brings education to life. Business students can visit the New York Stock Exchange, architecture students can study the construction of the cathedral of St John the Divine, students delving into ecology have the resources of the Central Park Wildlife Conservation Center, and those interested in international politics can visit the United Nations. New York City not only provides superb resources in higher education for students who choose to study there, its varied cultural life provides an education in itself.
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