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Continuing and Professional Studies in New York

Pratt Institute Center for Continuing & Professional Studies

Pratt Institute s Center for Continuing and Professional Studies (CCPS) is continuously committed to creating new learning opportunities for non traditional students. Whether you seek to expand your career options, refine your professional repertoire of skills and knowledge to be optimally effective in today s work market, or simply explore new fields for enrichment purposes, Pratt s Center for Continuing and Professional Studies offers a rich array of opportunities for personal and professional development.
Non-credit certificate programs offered at Pratt Manhattan:

Fine and Decorative Art Appraisal - Encompasses a broad range of collectible items, such as jewelry, china, antiques and rugs. Growing popularity through television programs has generated high interest in personal property appraisal. Pratt Institute s CCPS, in an exclusive collaboration with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), is pleased to offer a certificate program in Fine and Decorative Art Appraisal. This program will prepare you to become skilled appraisers, and/or develop a thorough appreciation of collectable items. Through lecture, demonstration and display, you will learn the history, theory and practice for skillfully appraising and/or collecting a wide variety of collectable items. For more information contact Karen D Angelo,

Photography and Digital Imaging - Is designed for photographers, artists, designers, architects or anyone else who would like to take their photographic techniques, vision and current knowledge to another level, for those interested in changing careers, preparing for a Master degree, or pursuing personal growth. The coursework for this program offers beginning fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced classes in black and white and digital photography.  
Project Management -Is designed for newcomers and those with basic knowledge of the field who want to refine their current level of experience. It is a distinct professional discipline with its own body of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques. It involves managing a project from inception to completion and the successful attainment of the project objectives. Completion of this program provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be competitively productive. The coursework in this program earns you a certificate of completion and educational qualifications toward professional certification in project management.

Computer Graphics -Is designed to provide graphic and fine artists with the skills necessary to utilize the computer as a graphics tool, enabling them to incorporate computer graphics technology into their work. The curriculum includes terminology, software instruction, conceptual development, and hands-on experience. Students work on state-of-the-art equipment, using the latest software. The certificate provides a firm grounding in the basic elements of this fast-moving field, and an opportunity to use, learn, and understand the various types of specialized equipment that exist in today s electronic design offices. Through collaboration with leading hardware and software vendors involved with computer graphics, Pratt CCPS offers its students the latest in computer graphics education.  Pratt s commitment to professional education and commercial applicability is stressed in course planning, faculty selection, and the latest equipment.  The approach is that of a personalized plan of study tailored to the specific educational goals and career needs of different types of students. This method combines theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential to effective education in this field. Students may take courses individually or as part of the certificate program.

Career tracks in:

  • Electronic Imaging & Illustration
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Interactive Media
  • Computer Animation and Video
  • Computer-Aided Design & Visualization

Training Center at Pratt Manhattan:
Pratt Mnahattan CCPS
is designated as authorized training center for:
Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC): providing comprehensive training for beginning and advanced computer aided design (CAD) and visualization.  
Autodesk Authorized Training Center Media and Entertainment (ATCME): providing comprehensive training for beginning and advanced modeling, rendering and animation.

Professional Development for Architects and Engineers
Pratt Manhattan CCPS is an AIA/CES registered provider and offers a broad range of courses and workshops to meet the professional development and licensure requirements for architects and engineers

Additional Non-credit Course offerings:

Pratt Manhattan
Art and Design, Book Arts, Career Development, Construction Management, Creativity and Artistic Expression, Creative Writing, Decorative Arts, Facilities and Environmental Compliance, Fine Arts, Illustration, Jewelry Making, Marketing Workshops, Media Arts/Photography
, Writing and more. 

Pratt Brooklyn
Art and Design, Book Arts, Career Development, Construction Management, Creative Play through Vocal Improvisation,Creativity and Artistic Expression, Creative Writing, Extreme Drawing, Fusion Painting, Fashion,Fine Arts, Illustration, Industrial and Interior Design, Jewelry Making, Marketing Workshops, Martial Arts,  Movement, Music, Sacred Chanting, Sculpture, Storytelling, Test prep Course for Educators, Writing and more. 
http: //

Spring and Fall Pre-College program for High School Students offered at Pratt Manhattan:
The Spring and Fall Pre-College programs are for commuter students, and are held on the weekends at the Manhattan campus. The following courses are offered for 2 college credits: Creative Writing, Fine Arts: Painting and Drawing, Foundation Art, Intro to Architecture, Media Arts/Photography. Also offered are two non-credit classes in Architectural Design Studio and portfolio Development. For Applicationemail or visit our website at

Special Summer Programs:

Credit program for college students at Pratt Manhattan:
Pratt, world renowned in the fields of art, design and architecture, opens its doors each summer to students from around the world to study under its noted faculty experts and satisfy art or elective degree requirements. Students may take 3, 6, or 9 credits in an intensive 4 week program and transfer credits back to their college or university. Classes are offered in Photography, Digital and Traditional Illustration, Architecture, Art History, Painting and Drawing, Interior, Industrial, Graphic, and Fashion Design, and Creative Writing.

Pre-College Program:

Pratt Brooklyn and Manhattan
Each summer, over 400 high school students seize the opportunity to experience college-level study in Pratt Institute s Pre-College program. These students immerse themselves in a program of art, design, architecture, creative writing, and cultural studies modeled after Pratt s BFA offerings. Upon completion of the program, students earn four elective college credits.


High school students at least sixteen years-old who have completed their sophomore year through graduating seniors.

Self-motivated and responsible students willing to immerse themselves in college-level study with other students who have similar interests.

All levels of experience welcome.

Why Should You Attend?

    To explore the possibility of studying art, design, architecture, creative writing, or cultural studies.
    To confirm that this is the subject you want to study in college.
    To develop your skills through college-level coursework, using a variety of tools, materials, and techniques.
    To develop a body of work for your portfolio for admission to college.
    To meet other students who share your interests.
    To get a preview of the college experience.

For Application email or visit our website at http: //

Corporate Training: Let Our Professionals Train Your Professionals

Pratt CCPS offers corporate discount packages for on-site computer training and for training at our facility. For information on these packages, contact Karen Miletsky, Associate Director, Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at 212-647-7299 or 212-647-7199,

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