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Study at Xincon Technology School New York

International Universities, Colleges and SchoolsNew York is the most interesting and unique city in the world. From the myriad skyscrapers on Wall street, the crowded shops and people in China Town, the renowned Metropolitan Museum and New York Public library, century-old brownstones in west village, to the bright lights and signs in Time square, the hip and funk of the east village, world famous shopping on 5th avenue, the honking and constant buzz of yellow cabs, street music and ten million people who live together in this metro pole.  This is New York .  A city apart.  A city like no other.

New York is a city that, since inception, has made its indelible mark on the future of finance, fashion, art, publishing, broadcasting, acting and advertising.  New York ers boast the largest variety of nationalities in any city in the world that lends itself (quite naturally!) to a very keen fashion sense, speedy intonation and accents like nowhere else.  Living in New York will undoubtedly prove an unforgettable and phenomenal experience. 

School Overview

Xincon is located in the bustling center of Manhattan, which is at the hub of the New York transportation system. This area is 2 minutes from Korea-town (walking), 10 minutes to Central Park, Greenwich Village, Soho, Tribeca, Norita, Columbia University, Harlem, China Town and the Brooklyn Bridge (by subway), and 40 minutes away from Coney Island (Beach and Amusement Park).

Xincon Technology School not only provides an experience in learning English, IT, Digital Fashion, and Nursing, but one in which a wide range of cross-cultural learning is achieved.  These experiences are priceless. 

Xincon was founded in 1993 by Mr. Mike Guo, who graduated with an IT Degree from Columbia University.  Xincon has, since then, graduated its own share of highly qualified IT specialists and has garnered fame with its digital fashion design and American nursing program here in New York . 

In 2004, Xincon developed an unique approach to English instruction with its suite of Accelerated ESL programs, each serving to offer high quality professional career education and training to the increasing number of foreign students coming each year to the U.S. Xincon supports its foreign student population actively and encourages them to hone their skill and reach their full capacity.


The Xincon Technology School is licensed by the New York State Education Department, Bureau of Proprietary Schools.

International Universities, Colleges and SchoolsXincon is certified as a career school and technology school in excellent standing from the New York State Education Department and is a member of the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT).  Xincon also has an extensive Corporate Training Program for IT and Digital Fashion Design that has attracted an impressive array of clients such as Liz Claiborne and Barney s of New York .

The Nursing program at Xincon received its authorization from the AHA (American Healthcare Association).

Xincon stuffs a group of training professionals to ensure the quality of training.  We believe good trainers are the ultimate key to students satisfactory and success.  Therefore, Xincon requires and encourages her instructors to pursue industry-recognized certifications. Trainers are also required to have NYS teaching licenses, and take courses in NYS career school to improve their methods in occupational instruction. 





Xincon created a unique speaking-focused ESL program that helps non-native speakers speak English easily in an American context.  Xincon developed an intensive ESL program in which students can learn about all main skills like reading, writing and listening through speaking.  Xincon s speaking ESL provides a well-organized study of speaking and speaking training based on reading and listening.


Digital Fashion Design (CAD)


Xincon s digital fashion design program, which teaches digital fashion design techniques and skills, is popular with college students studying fashion, people who want to get a job in the fashion field and to work as a freelance designer, and people who want to learn about upgraded techniques working in the fashion field.


Internship Program


Xincon s internship program, which provides an advanced social experience, was started early. Located in the center of Manhattan, Xincon has a built strong network with premier, worldwide enterprises through professional career education programs like IT and digital fashion design. With these relationships, Xincon developed not only a well-organized and intensive class but also an internship program where students can get careers in high-ranking international companies.


Nursing Program


Xincon is a professional career school offering NCLEX-RN, Accelerated ESL and IELTS Test preparation courses. Xincon enjoys a total services approach to career consulting and the processing of Visas and Green Cards, as well as industry accolades for its outstanding education program. We work until our students dreams are realized!

Xincon has built reliable partnerships with area hospitals and clinics in the Metropolitan New York area. Xincon provides extensive placement services, from Medical English exam proctoring and workplace efficiency seminars for students who wish to practice in America without the hassle and capriciousness of broker agencies.

Campus Life


Xincon emphasize on the importance of cross-culture and student-centered campus by designing small class size (max 10), organizing field trips, holidays specials, and etc. 

American Culture Workshop is offered once a week to help students better equipped living in the U.S., such as waiving late fees from their credit card, American health insurance, hot travel spots.  In additional, we also encourage professors to create an exciting learning environment by pushing forward group discussion, movie theatre, Halloween pumpkin carving, and Thanksgiving Turkey diner.

Other than American Culture Workshop, we also have Idiom Workshop, and our School Activity Team work hard to design activities such as Brooklyn Bridge Trip, Museum Visit, Beach Get-Away, Chocolate Bar, Marathon, and New Year Party.

Public Trust Department and Partner


    A+ Certified Service CENTER

    Prosoft Authorized Training Center

    Registered by The New York State Education Department

    Member of the Better Business Bureau

    Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center

    Microsoft Certified Solution Provider

    Member of CompTIA

    Approved for training by VESID

    Authorized Prometric Testing Center

How to Register

By FAX or mail:
Download the Registration form online at Fill out the Registration form and fax it to your Education Consultant.  Once it is received and your registration processed, you will receive a return fax with confirmation details.


Xincon Technology School

875 Avenue of the Americas

New York, N.Y. 10001

Attn: Admission Department

Fax: + 1 212-947-0285

Please call us at 212.465.8833 to arrange an appointment. For faster service, please be ready with the class section/date and your billing information prior to registration.

Call for an appointment or feel free to drop-in at your convenience.

Online Registration: Fill out the registration form directly online at

For international students, we require at least 2 weeks processing your housing requests, so it is important to send the information as soon as possible. You may register by any of the following methods:





Xincon Technology School

875 Avenue of the Americas

New York, N.Y. 10001


Tel: (212) 465-8833

Fax: (212-947-0285

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Xincon Technology School

875 Avenue of the Americas

New York, N.Y. 10001

Tel: (212) 465-8833

Fax: (212-947-0285